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All we know about Mt. Lakitoa(updated 7/15/18)

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Well hello there
I see you're curious about MT. Lakitoa. We all are!

> Link to Event Page <

Share your event pets!

What is this Mt. Lakitoa?

"Laurelia is a large island in Colothys's ocean, which comprises less than half of the surface of the planet. Unlike most of the land on the main continent, which is desert, Laurelia is comprised mostly of lush jungles. In its interior is a mountain range, of which the tallest is Mt. Lakitoa. These mountains are in fact dormant volcanoes, and now and then, one of them becomes active."

Who is Carephus?
Carephus is an "ethereal" starburst Fireferra who lives on Lauralia Island. He gives a nice introduction to Laurelia and the volcano Lakitoa.
"Welcome to Laurelia, my name is Carephus. I’m sure you have been noticing the tremors, they’re impossible to ignore. You see these mountains? Well, they’re not mountains. They’re dormant volcanoes. Well, usually dormant volcanoes."
"The soil of the island is rich with volcanic ash from past eruptions. The many creatures who live on Laurelia Isle live in harmony with nature, but maintain a level of respect and fear, as they know what Mother Nature is capable of."

Is the volcano gonna erupt?
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Inevitably so! Why would Carephus come to us if he didn't think it would happen?
"What the people here do not realize is that it has been nearly ten centuries since this large volcano you see here, called Mount Lakitoa, has erupted. We owe our rich landscape to the fertilization of the soil by the last Lakitoa eruption. It’s what sets our beautiful island apart from the rest of the desert-ridden Colothys. But it has gone far too long sitting dormant. I, an ethereal being residing here, know all too well that being complacent to the power of Mother Nature is very dangerous." says Carephus. But Nick doesn't seem convinced.
I'm sure it's nothing, everyone. Seismic activity happens from time to time on Colothys, nothing to be worried about!
Already has started!

You can go to MT. Lakitoa now and strike a firestone to get an Inferno Faelix! Or you can buy them here for 5 ashstones each!

What are Ash Stones? And how do I get them?

Ash Stones are items that you can craft or buy from other players. Just search for Ashstone!

To craft, you will need at least one obsidian and four piles of ash. Then go to the crafting page, and click and drag the items to the crafting block, as shown here:

What are Fire Stones and how do I use them?

"This small stone glows with a deep orange-red fire-like light. It is known as a firestone and was forged naturally in the volcanoes of Colothys."

once you get the firestone as a random event, you click on the firestone on the event page, and select a rock to "strike" the firestone against, which somehow summons a pet.

Get fire stones by browsing xanje pages. You can find Firestones by viewing pet pages, forums, the event page, or any other page on xanje! Firestones are very rare, so you may not find one and that's okay.

What's with the ashes on my screen?
The volcanic ashes! Better not inhale any. You might even get an item for clicking them!
Very VERY rarely, you may get an item when clicking the ash, but 99.9% of the time, it will just disappear.
And I mean VERY rarely.

When I click the ash, sometimes I get items, what items can I find?
You can find firetones, but they are rare
There are also piles of ash, their use is currently unknown

And obsidian

Use is also unknown

What are these  "fiery pets"?
They are pets that can withstand the heat of the lava, and they are the pets that kept the island safe.

Are there going to be new pets?
I'm sure of it! Here is a list of event pets!

Faenix Color guide

Post your Roleplay reactions here! https://www.xanje.com/forums/thread-1280151.0

If you have any other info, please, share it!

Want an Event Fancyposts?
Go here! https://www.xanje.com/forums/thread-1280549.msg20903380#msg20903380

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if you open Carephus' image in a new tab you can find his pet ID He is owned by Nick and is a gen 1 Ethereal pet, canonically impossible, so it's likely he was created as an example when the feature was just released.


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